Our Missions


        The Knights of the Virgin is an international military order of Catholic knighthood whose members strive to live out the code of chivalry in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.



“Lord, behold here are two swords.”
(Luke 22:38)









Our Primary Missions:

To Protect

To Protect Catholic churches, schools, and communities from Mohammedan terrorists, rioters, vandals, and any other belligerents. To protect the defenseless. To protect life.  To protect women and children.

To Defend

To Defend the Faith by engaging in spiritual warfare with the Most Holy Rosary as our primary weapon, practicing the Spiritual works of Mercy, admonishing unorthodox theology and bad practices in the clergy, and working to improve curriculum and programs in local Catholic schools. To always and everywhere promote devotion to Our Lady, piety for the Most Blessed Sacrament, and the practice of chivalry.



Our Secondary Missions:

To Lead

To lead their families, to take responsibility for leadership in local parishes and in the secular quarter.

 To Serve & To Sacrifice

Each individual knight is obligated to perform the spiritual and corporal works of mercy as lead by the Holy Spirit in personal service.





Our Lady of Victory

In Praise of the New Knighthood

      This is, I say, a new kind of knighthood and one unknown to the ages gone by. It ceaselessly wages a twofold war both against flesh and blood and against a spiritual army of evil in the heavens. When someone strongly resists a foe in the flesh, relying solely on the strength of the flesh, I would hardly remark it, since this is common enough. And when war is waged by spiritual strength against vices or demons, this, too, is nothing remarkable, praiseworthy as it is, for the world is full of monks. But when the one sees a man powerfully girding himself with both swords and nobly marking his belt, who would not consider it worthy of all wonder, the more so since it has been hitherto unknown? He is truly a fearless knight and secure on every side, for his soul is protected by the armor of faith just as his body is protected by armor of steel. He is thus doubly armed and need fear neither demons nor men. Not that he fears death--no, he desires it. Why should he fear to live or fear to die when for him to live is Christ, and to die is gain? Gladly and faithfully he stands for Christ, but he would prefer to be dissolved and to be with Christ, by far the better thing.

      Go forth confidently then, you knights, and repel the foes of the cross of Christ with a stalwart heart.


- St. Bernard of Clairvaux

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